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We work on your brand,

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About Media Solutions

Media Solutions Kiwi Ltd. is an independent Marketing & Advertising consultancy firm, started by entrepreneur Garry Gupta. A media & marketing consultant, Garry has over 20 years of experience in media production and management. Armed with a Certificate in Digital Marketing from Marketing Assoc. of NZ, Garry’s focus is to provide solutions to clients by using various digital marketing tools. He has experience in various channels of digital marketing, including: Email Marketing, Websites, Social Media, Video Marketing and Google Analytics.


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Meet The Team

Garry Gupta
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Garry is a marketing communications professional with more than 15 years’ experience in media production and marketing. He started a boutique marketing agency, Media Solutions Kiwi Ltd., in 2015 to support SMEs in promoting their business and brands via digital marketing, events, etc.

Reza Sanjid
Graphic Designer
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Originally from Bangladesh, has developed a passion for design throughout his life. Reza's passion for creative work began in a high school and led him to the Media Studies program and Graduate School at the Yoobee School of Design. Reza has since been designing marketing strategies, brands, and collateral for small businesses. Music, cooking, and friends keep Reza busy when he's not in front of the screen.

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We work on your brand,
While you work on your business
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