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Are you measuring what your
website is doing? 

Google Marketing

Why Google Marketing?

Google search is often the first point of sale contact for the customer. If you are not there, you may not be in the race.
More than two out of three kiwis [age 25-44] spend online now. You will need consistent brand messaging on your search, be it in a shop or when customer is searching online.

Google advertising is cost effective and you get reports on effective. Search influences 30-40% retail decisions by customers and clients. More and more people are relying on search on their mobile phones for the firsthand information.
Add credibility to your brand!

Google Adwords

Use the power of Google  Adwords to get your brand on top of the curve, on google search.  Don’t loose business due to lack of presence on google.


Save money on google ads by optimizing your site with correct content, design,    layout and pictures. 

Google Analytics

Are you measuring what your website is doing?  Get a dashboard of all your digital activities. 

57% people do an online search after seeing an ad.
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